Parks On The Air from a Old Montana Mine Town.. Elk Horn, MT

Elkhorn State Park is in the Deerlodge State Park, South of Helena. It is a privately owned 19th Century mining town. This POTA “2 fer” caught my eye as we were planning a day trip to Helena from our home in Stevensville. My XYL wanted to do some shopping in Helena, so I dropped her off at the Hobby Lobby and headed for the park. It’s about 50 miles each way. The last 9 miles or so are a well graded dirt road. I set up in the Picnic area. I used a 40m efhw with a 49:1 xfrmr. I only had about an hour to set up and operate. There is no cell service there. Fortunately, I made contact with Sean AB7BN via the 147.22 repeater. He is offered to put a spot on for me. About 5 minutes after the spot, I started making contacts. I made 19 contacts in 32 minutes on 14.062. I used the Xiegu g-90 AT 15 watts. All My contacts were on CW. It was a long driving day (about 400 miles round trip) but certainly enjoyed it. I’d like to go back again when I have more time.

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