Parks on the Air  Showdown! — Two activators at the same park on different bands. Who will Win?

Parks on the Air Showdow (POTA). We worked both 20m and 40m during the activation from opposite sides of the park. We had a great time but the bands were up and down. We worked hard for the contacts we got. We set a time limit for one hour… total QSO count was 112. Special thanks to Dan (K04GFN) who came out with us today. Don’t forget to hit “LIKE” and “Subscribe” to be notified of new videos!

Gear Used:

Both of us used the following:
Yeasu Ft-891
Miady 16ah LifePo4 battery
50ft milspec coax from Buddipole Inc.
HamRs Logging Software for Windows

Other gear used was:
Buddistick from Buddipole inc
Dell Duo pc
Microsoft Surface
DIY 20m Dipole
#parksontheair #potashowdown #ft-891

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