Parks on the Air with the Xiegu X6100 firmware 1.1.6 (PART 2, SSB Phase)

Since I got a lot of nice feedback from my last POTA video I decided to record my next activation, this time using the Xiegu X6100 at Park K-1211, Castlewood Canyon State Park.
In this portion, I do the Voice phase of my activation.

K6ARK 49:1 Balun:
20 AWG Wire:
3D Printed Winder:
Goture GOLDITE Fishing Pole:
25′ RG316 BNC Cable:
Nylon Fishing Line:
Tent Pegs:
3D Printed Guy Wire Mount for Fishing Pole:
3D Printed Iambic Key:
Bioenno Power 6AH Battery:
Xiegu X6100:

Recorded on a GoPro Hero 7 Black
Video Edited Using Kdenlive 22.08

0:00 Introduction
0:27 Equipment overview
4:06 (Attempted) Start of activation
10:08 (Actual) Start of Activation

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