Portable Ham Radio battery Pack DIY

DIY portable ham radio LiFePO4 battery pack you can build at home.

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Today we are building a DIY LiFePO4 Battery for portable ham radio, radio preparedess, camping and/or emergency power that fits in your poket. This is a pocket sized 12 volt Lithium Iron Phosphate biuild. It is put together using a cheap battery spot welder.

This 12v battery pack might not be as “professional” as one from Will Prowse, but it is purpose built for a balance of weight, size, energy density and storage capacity. Augment your favorite QRP radios internal battery with this pocket sized power supply.

Parts list with all links and technical details are published on my blog: There’s 26650 cells, BMS, 26650 cell holders, spotwelder, a 3d printed enclosure, desktop charger, and info on the solar charge controller.

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