Rapid Deployment of Amateur Radio with Parks on the Air

Today we were working on a POTA RaDAR award, which means Rapid Deployment of Amateur Radio. In order to qualify for this award you need to make transitions between different operating positions, which means setting up your station, making contacts and then taking down your station to move to another location.

Transitions can be between parks or in the same park, and you can hike, walk, bike ride, or use your car to transition. Today I am moving from park to park using my vehicle. In my last video we did a Late Shift activation at Richard Bong State Recreation Area, and then in this video on the same day we went to Big Foot Beach State Park in Lake Geneva, WI and Chain O’ Lakes State Park in Spring Grove, IL. This gave us 3 transitions, and earned us the Rhino RaDAR award from Parks on the Air!

My camera battery did run out during this trip so I had to make due recording video with my phone at Chain O Lakes State Park.

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