Retevis RT46 PMR446 Two Way Radio (Review and Range Test)

Discover why PMR446 walkie talkies such as the Retevis are so popular in Europe.
Part 1 – Retevis RT46 on Amazon* ➜
Part 2 – Unboxing ➜ (3:07min)
Part 3 – Range Test ➜ (9:00min)
Part 4 – Summary & Conclusion ➜ (12:37min)

*If you are located in the United States please use FRS radios instead:
Retevis RT46 FRS Version ➜

In this product review, we will have a closer look at a set of license-free walkie talkies from Retevis.

The maximum range can vary depending on your environment, best distances are generally reached under optimal conditions (e.g. open line of sight).

More realistic is to assume a shorter range, because houses, trees, and other obstacles can reduce the signal quality significantly.

If you are located in the US, you can benefit from a slightly higher output power of up to 2 watts.

However, in Europe PMR446 radios are not allowed to have a replaceable antenna, and can only transmit at a lower output power of 0.5 watts.

Because of this, it is perfectly normal that these radios perform best in close range communication.

At first, a short range may seem like a disadvantage, but if you think about it, it also has advantages.

In a city with many users, simultaneous transmissions on the same channel, are less likely if the radios only have a short range.
The benefit, users are not constantly bothering each other on one of the 8-16 available PMR frequencies.

In addition, the low output power extends battery life, and you can use the radios longer while consuming less power.

Also, if your radio would transmit over longer distances, more people could listen in, which is also avoided by the weak transmission power. Because a potential eavesdropper would always have to be close enough to receive the signal.

Also, I find it interesting to note that many of these types of radios can be programmed with an additional USB programming cable.

In my test, the communication quality was good, personally, I think the Retevis RT46 is targeted at the budget license free two way radio market.


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