RuggedSPOT DMR/DSTAR/C4FM/P25/NXDN Custom Hotspot

Here is the “Rolls Royce” of Digital hotspots. Introducing the “Ruggedspot” by
Also called “NEX-GEN” Hotspots, they offer a lot of customizable features/Colors/Options/Lighting that make your hotspot a true masterpiece.
The best thing about this hotspot? It comes FULLY PROGRAMMED, with all your information, ready to go. Providing your info upon ordering, it will arrive with the correct modem offset and functionality, your WiFi info for your phone hotspot, home wifi router, and all your info for DMR. Just open the box, power it on, and away you go.
Built with the rough and tough user in mind, this unit will stand up to a lot of abuse, and will never outdate itself.
Ability to crossmode through Pi-Star setup, from DMR to YSF, or DMR to Dstar.
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