Setting up NanoVNA and measuring SWR on a 40m dipole (surprising results!)

NanoVNA-F is one of a series of inexpensive RF test instruments that can be used to measure antenna SWR and frequency response characteristics of other RF devices. In this video, I demonstrate how I set up the NanoVNA-F to measure the SWR on my 40m dipole antenna.

I decided to get the NanoVNA-F based on Phil Salas’s, AD5X review in the May 2020 issue of ARRL QST.

Thanks to Martin Svaco, 9A2JK for writing the beginner’s instruction guide I followed to get started. It’s available for download in the NanoVNA here (you’ll need to join the group):

Also, thanks to W2AEW for his videos about the NanoVNA:

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