Suggested radios for outdoors activities the Btech V1 & Retevis RT27V MURS radios

Radios for hiking exploring metal detecting outdoor group activities. Murs Review

The BTECH MURS V1 Radio />
The Retevis RT27V radios />
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This video is all about two of the radios that we use when out in the woods in a group and what we would like to suggest as good radios. The BTECH MURS V1& the Retevis RT27V MURS radios are license free to use and perform much better than the FRS radios you get at department stores. These radios run up to 2 watts of power legally which is four times that of the FRS radios.
The Btech has dual VFO, backlit screen, keypad entry, removable antenna, FM radio and a flashlight. The Retevis is half the price and a straight forward no frills radio that still performs very well with great audio quality.
MURS Multi Use Radio Service is a great option for radio communications where you do not need a license to use but have better options on gear and the frequencies that are used. With these radios you can easily communicate at a miles distance in the woods. If you hike, explore , metal detect, off road or do any other activities with a group of people you may want to check out these handheld radios.

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Suggested radios for outdoors activities the Btech V1 & Retevis RT27V MURS radios review.
Filmed with Canon EOS 80d Camera video footage
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