There is a dark side to HAM RADIO –  DX CODE OF CONDUCT , say a big fat no to QRM on the bands.

A lot of posts and recordings of bad or poor behaviour on the Amateur Radio bands lately with some active DX expeditions, with 3Y0J getting a lot of trouble from operators causing QRM.
We can all make mistakes and non of us are perfect BUT WE CAN AT LEAST TRY and conduct ourselves in a manor that reflects the hobby in a positive light.
Enjoy the hobby , be kind and courteous to our fellow operators and lets KEEP AWAY FROM THE DARK SIDE.

As an enthusiastic radio amateur I love chasing DX and chatting to other like minded operators on HF from the car.
There are some challenges to overcome in a mobile install but once your up and running it can be amazing.
These clips and video’s I hope to helpand motivate other operators or even encourage folks to obtain a license.
Please say hi in the comments box or even say hello on air.
Pictures of my setup can be found by clicking the link below

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