This Ham Radio Operator Got Banned Because of “RFI”

An interesting article in the media claims a woman’s insulin pump is being “potentially” interfered with by an amateur radio operator down the street. Was this the culprit, or could it be something more? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 👇👇

Link to original article and video (Source WTFV9)

Ham Radio saves lives:

Equipment Interference:

Class 2 Device Recall MiniMed” 780G Insulin Pump />
MiniMed 780G Manual

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0:00 News Article Summary
2:43 My Initial Thoughts
4:14 How Ham Radio saves lives
5:10 What can cause interference?
6:24 I did some research
7:27 Device recall from FDA
9:23 Did Ham Radio really cause the interference?
10:18 What the real issue seems to be

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