Tidradio TD H8 the Offical reveal

Here is the grand reveal of the brand new Tidradio TD-H8 10W handheld radio. This radio is a really nice and well built radio. I actually hope it will become the next UV-5R. Super easy to program with the built in bluetooth programming. It feels really heavy duty. There is a link down below to get 20% off your entire order from @tidradio. The discount code to use just in case you need it is: CORYRANDOMGUY. I hope you all enjoy the video and thank you again @tidradio for allowing me to test and help get this radio perfect to sell to everyone. Dont forget we do have a PO Box for the channel addresses are below. ENJOY!!!

Affiliate link for Tidradio and 20% off:
https://tidradio.com/discount/CORYRANDOMGUY?ref=s2WWNbAW />
PO Box address for regular letters and USPS packages:
Cory Random Guy
P.O. Box 721
Indianola, IA 50125

PO Box address for Packages from UPS, DHL ect:
Cory Random Guy
201 W 1st Ave. PO Box 721
Indianola, IA 50125

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