Why You Can’t Use A Baofeng UV-5R on GMRS or FRS Bands – FCC Rules For FRS & GMRS Use Explained

Why cant you use a Baofeng UV-5R on GMRS or FRS channels? How is a UV5R different from GMRS and FRS radios? What is the difference between a HAM radio license and a GMRS license? Would I ever waste the time of a sad-ham watching one of my videos? I answer these, and other questions.
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00:00 – Cryptic Project Mayhem Intro
00:08 – GMRS, FRS and UV-5R Radios
00:36 – Why cant you use a UV-5R on GMRS/FRS bands?
01:00 – Why I would not waste your time
02:00 – How many people have gone to jail for using a UV-5R
03:56 – FCC rules clarified for FRS and GMRS usage
06:16 – Why is the UV-5R illegal on FRS and GMRS frequencies
08:21 – UV-5R and Part 95E FCC certification
09:44 – TL;DW – I finally answer the question
10:07 – How to get your stupid comment pinned to the top of the list
10:43 – Goodbye

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