Yaesu FT290R evaluation of four 2M sets

No, we don’t service amateur radio gear, nor SSB equipment, so what on earth am I doing evaluating four Yaesu FT290R multimode transportables?

Well, my amateur radio friend Stewart asked me to see what was happening with these four sets that a local Radio Amateur was offering on the basis that none worked properly. In fact, I actually reset the frequency. It’s not s quick task as there are 6 steps & three adjustment to monitor & make. I ended up doing this in all four sets even though the first one looked OK on the test set. Anyway, they are all doing 2.5W with full deviation & all receiving better than 0.5uV.

On the air test to follow

Recorded 31st May 2021

Richard, G0OJF

Lincolnshire, UK

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