Your BAOFENG Programming Cable Sucks!  – Get This! – AIOC All in One Cable

Tired of Programming cables that only do one thing, and do them poorly? Ditch your Baofeng Programing cable and build a AIOC (All in One Cable)

Use your AIOC to program radios AND encode/decode APRS.

In this episode I provide a demonstration of the above github link. This project is still in development and can only get better. What changes would you like to see implemented?

From Github:
What does it do?
The AIOC is a small adapter with a USB-C connector that enumerates itself as a sound-card (e.g. for APRS purposes) and a virtual tty (“COM Port”) for programming and asserting the PTT (Push-To-Talk).

Cheap & Hackable Digital mode USB interface (similar to digirig, mobilinkd, etc…)
Programming Cable Function via virtual Serial Port
Compact form-factor (DIY overmolded enclosure is currently TBD)
Based on easy-to-hack STM32F302 with internal ADC/DAC (Programmable via USB bootloader using DFU)
Can support Dual-PTT HTs
Direwolf as AX.25 modem/APRS en+decoder/…
APRSdroid as APRS en+decoder
CHIRP for programming

Tested Radios (so far)
Wouxun UV-9D Mate (CHIRP + APRS)
Baofeng UV-5R (CHIRP + APRS)

Future Work
Overmolded enclosure design (DIY using 3D-Printed mold and Resin/Hotglue)
Maybe integrate a TNC Modem with KISS interface? (I am not sure if that is worth the effort)
“High-Performance” VOX emulation with advanced features (e.g. pre-triggered VOX to activate PTT a few milliseconds before data, reduced tail time)
HID (maybe CM108 compatible) PTT control

How To Fab
Go to and upload the package (under kicad/k1-aioc/jlcpcb)
Select PCB Thickness 1.2mm (that is what I recommend with the TRS connectors I used)
You may want to select LeadFree HASL
Select Silkscreen/Soldermask color to your liking
Check “PCB Assembly”
PCBA Type “Economic”
Assembly Side “Top Side”
Tooling Holes “Added by Customer”
Press Confirm
Click “Add BOM File” and upload BOM-k1-aioc.csv
Click “Add CPL File” and upload CPL-k1-aioc.csv
Press Next
Look Through components, see if something is missing or problematic and press Next
Check everything looks roughly good (rotations are already baked-in and should be correct). Save to Cart
This gives you 5 (or more) SMD assembled AIOC. The only thing left to do is soldering on the TRS connectors (see here). The total bill should be around 60$ US for 5 pieces plus tax and shipping from China.

Baofeng APRS made easy, Baofeng programming made easy, baofeng programming with chirp.
#baofeng #uv5r #aprs

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