#7: Monitor your Ham Radio transmitter with an oscilloscope

This video shows a few ways that you can monitor your ham radio transmitter with an oscilloscope. Look at the RF carrier, the carrier envelope, the amplitude demodulated signal, as well as linearity “trapazoid” patterns (please see below). It shows a simple circuit I put together for a local ham radio club meeting and presentation.

I put this circuit together to show the radio club members examples of a sampler and a amplitude demodulator. Of course, since these were built onto the same “demonstrator” board with a common RF input, the linearity can not be measured with this since any non-linearity in the output would appear in both sensors. This is indicated by the notes in the video. In order to truly measure the non-linearity of an amplifier or a modulator/exciter, the X-input would normally be driven by the baseband signal, or the demodulated input to an amplifier, etc., and the RF output would be sensed with the sampler and applied to the Y input of the scope.

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