Affordable HF Ham Radio – uSDX SSB/CW With Android Phone Control Head (Easy Cool and Cheap Mods)

In recent years a bunch of affordable small sound card/software driven HF ham radios have become available. The uSDX is one of them and it stems from an open source radio project from a couple of very smart and kind radio operators.
The uSDX rigs (there are several variants) get real close to being pretty good but then need a little help to make them even more fun to use. In this video I take a uSDX Plus that was around $125 and use an app on the Google Play Store (along with a few little components) to make a control head for many of the functions of the radio. The app is a work in progress and hopefully in the future more features will become available.
It’s a fun project to tinker with and at a fraction of the cost of many of the mainstream HF radios on the market.
Thanks for taking a look!

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