Ep 74 – Body Armour

News –
Alan – Minneapolis council votes 12-0 to abolish the police force. While there are a few steps left to actually abolishing the police, their intent is to replace the police with social workers and other support services to divert non-criminal interactions away from police statistics. Editorially, I see value in this system if it’s done right. I don’t have enough faith in a government to do it right. https://www.startribune.com/minneapolis-city-council-votes-unanimously-for-proposal-that-could-replace-police-department/571504662/
Massive storm currently in Manitoba. Tyler under tornado watch as well. 60k feet high,
Rapid city, MB
https://www.facebook.com/150196518507436/posts/1433257590201316/?d=n />

Radio Amateur’s Call for Help Relayed from across the Atlantic
https://qrznow.com/radio-amateurs-call-for-help-relayed-from-across-the-atlantic/?fbclid=IwAR1Iieip4OYVKjcLhR04MNjdNZMpr_jvF8SCbqU7K4a7llHXwAUmp_yElyI />Male in New York suffers a medical emergency, his DMR radio was closer then his phone
Call picked up by an operator in Scotland, who in turn puts out a call for assistance from anyone in the USA, an operator in Delaware takes the call from Scotland and has authorities dispatched in New York
Atlantic provinces agree to regional COVID-19 pandemic bubble


See if you can find a use for anything from a knife proof vest up, and if the cost is worth it. Buy before they change the laws:)

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TACCOM – Ad read On Hold for now….


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