Exploring Mines In The Old Dale Mining District

In this adventure The NotARubicon teamed up with TrailRecon to check out a few of the interesting and easy to find mines in the Joshua Tree/Old Dale Mining District area. We hit The Rose of Peru Mine, Gold Standard Mine, Brooklyn Mine, Sunset Mine and Golden Egg Mine. All of these mines are near the road and can be reached by any high-clearance 4WD vehicle.
GPS coordinates are shown in the video but we have listed them below with more detail so that you can easily copy & paste them into Google Maps or your GPS.
Our starting point was the corner of Pinto Basin Road and Old Dale Road, coordinates:
33.831102, -115.757308
We followed Old Dale Road to the Brooklyn Mine Jeep Trail sign and turned right at coordinates:
33.976657, -115.681262
We turn left and into the wash at coordinates:
34.018080, -115.676767
Then follow the wash up to the first stop, The Rose of Puru Mine at coordinates:
34.023125, -115.678392
Continuing up the trail, veer right around the hill at coordinates:
34.026248, -115.676195
Follow the wass to The Gold Standard Mine at coordinates:
34.030023, -115.676616
Continue up the wash and you will find the Brooklyn Mine camp at coordinates:
34.032888, -115.678536
The Brooklyn Mine itself is a few hundred yards away, up the hill at coordinates:
34.035269, -115.678346
Go up the steep hill behind the Brooklyn Mine Camp buildings at you will find Los Angeles Mine at the very top at coordindates:
34.031221, -115.679793
Continue down the hill and you will meet back at the wash where you veered right earlier. Keep going back down the wash the same way you came in and go all the way back to the Brooklyn Mine Jeep Trail sign and keep going straight toward the mountains to Sunset Mine at coordinates:
33.991060, -115.696166
Continue on for a short distance to the turn-out for the Golden Egg Mine at coordinates:
33.989933, -115.698821
Go down the road and park at the Golden Egg Mine Camp at coordinates:
33.988854, -115.698939
Walk down the road to the Golden Egg Mine at coordinates:
33.989435, -115.700179

Thank you to Brad at TrailRecon for coming along and helping with the video.

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