Jumps Out of Airplanes and Operates  Ham Radio -“If I Can’t Do It Safely, I’m Not Going To Do It”

If you have never watched a stream where I stream the Parachute Mobile Audio, you may be missing out.

I have the unique opportunity to live close to Carlos, KD9OLN, The Parachuting Ham Radio Guy. When he jumps out of Rochelle Illinois, I can typically go see him or stream the audio from the jumps from my QTH.

Today, I had the unique opportunity to do an On The Fly interview with Carlos. We have spoke about the logistics of his Jumps in the past and just all around chatting.

https://youtube.com/live/yKBCHQNDhx0?feature=share />The DX Report – https://youtube.com/live/7Wp8NFHO41U?feature=share />
For more information on Carlos, go to his youtube channel and subscribe @LifeAtTerminalVelocity

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