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Plug and Play TV games with Dan and Tilly – featuring plugnplay versions of the Commodore 64 DTV, megadrive Sensible Soccer and more – This week I take a look back at a fad from around 2004 for low cost battery operated game controllers with built in games that connect direct to your television set. Helping test these systems with me will be my niece Matilda and my nephew Daniel aka Dan & Tilly.

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Plug & Play games featured in this video

► Commodore DTV

The C64 Direct-to-TV, called C64DTV for short, is a single-chip implementation of the Commodore 64 computer, contained in a joystick (modeled after the mid-1980s Competition Pro joystick), with 30 built-in games. The design is similar to the Atari Classics 10-in-1 TV Game. The circuitry of the C64DTV was designed by Jeri Ellsworth, a self-taught computer chip designer who had formerly designed the C-One.

► Sensible Soccer Plus by Radica

Lets you play Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder and Mega-Lo-Mania. The plug-and-play device, which has been sculptured to look like a mini MegaDrive (Sega Genesis), plugs directly into your television and offers two replica MegaDrive controllers so you can battle it out with a friend to become Sensi football champion. This was Tilly’s joint favourite and also Dan found it the most exciting of all the plug n plays we tried.

► Scooby Doo Mystery Machine by Jakks Pacific

Contains 5 Spooky Games: Searching the Castle, The River of Frights, Race to Fontecastello, The Mysterious Doors, The Dungeons of Fontecastello
Plug Directly Into Your TV.

► Disney plugnplay TV game developed by HotGen and published by Jakks Pacific

This was also another of Tilly’s favourites and the Built In Games on this one are…

★ Lion King: Simba and the Tree of Trials

Prepare Simba for the Throne. Puzzle game similar to Columns, Candy Crush, and Tetris.

★ Donald Duck: Donald’s Golf Tournament

Donald’s Golf Tournament is just a golf video game.

★ Lion King: Timon to the Rescue

Pumbaa is sleepwalking, and Timon has to guide him through a dangerous swampland to reach the goal.

★ Lilo & Stitch: Stitch’s Search for Paradise

Stitch has fallen into a cave while looking through Lilo’s photo collection & now Stitch has to find them before Lilo comes home.

★ Aladdin: Aladdin and the 5 Gems of Agrabah

Princess Jasmine has been captured & held for ransom, Aladdin must find the fabled five gems of Agrabah to free her. Side-scrolling platform game.

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Special thanks to Dan and Tilly for helping me make this video impossible

► Games list for the Commodore DTV joystick are as follows…

Summer Games
Winter Games
Pitstop II
Super Cycle
Jumpman Jr.
Impossible Mission
Impossible Mission II
Championship Wrestling
Gateway to Apshai
Sword of Fargoal
International Karate (World Karate Champion)
California Games
Silicon Warrior
Nebulus (Tower Toppler)
Cyberdyne Warrior
Cybernoid II: The Revenge
Head the Ball
Mission Impossibubble
Bull Riding
Flying Disk

► The Radica Sensi Soccer plugandplay is based on Sega’s genesis hardware

The Sega Genesis, known as the Mega Drive in most regions outside of North America, is a 16-bit home video game console which was developed and sold by Sega Enterprises, Ltd. The Genesis was Sega’s third console and the successor to the Master System. Sega first released the console as the Mega Drive in Japan in 1988, followed by a North American debut under the Genesis moniker in 1989. In 1990, the console was distributed as the Mega Drive by Virgin Mastertronic in Europe, by Ozisoft in Australasia, and by Tectoy in Brazil. In South Korea, the systems were distributed by Samsung and were known as the Super Gam*Boy, and later the Super Aladdin Boy.

Designed by an R&D team supervised by Hideki Sato and Masami Ishikawa, the hardware was adapted from Sega’s System 16 arcade board, centered on a Motorola 68000 processor as a primary CPU and a Zilog Z80 as a secondary processor. The system supports a library of more than 900 games created both by Sega and a wide array of third-party publishers and delivered on ROM-based cartridges. It can play Master System games when the separately sold Power Base Converter is inserted. The Genesis has benefited from several peripherals and network services, as well as multiple first-party and third-party variations of the console that focus on extending its functionality.

In Japan, the Mega Drive did not fare well against its two main competitors, Nintendo’s Super Famicom and NEC’s PC Engine, but achieved considerable success in North America, Brazil and Europe

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