TYT TH-UV98 – The BaoFeng Slayer?

In 2019 TYT released a budget priced dual band radio, the UV88, to try and participate in the lion’s share of the market for budget radios that BaoFeng was enjoying. In 2020, when they ramped up post pandemic production, the TH-UV98 started to roll off the assembly line. With an additional 5 watts of power, this one became the big brother of the sibling UV88.

This demonstration combines some technical analysis with a fundamental field approach to evaluate the chances of success that TYT may have in their quest to dethrone the ubiquitous BaoFeng’s. You can use the timeline below to skip over the parts that may not be relevant to your interest in this unit:

00:00 Introduction, comparing the TYT TH-UV88 to the TYT TH-UV98
02:07 Bench testing: standing wave, forward power, and reflected power tests of various antenna and counterpoise combinations.
14:15 Looking at standing wave properties of different antenna configurations using Vector Network Analysis.
22:20 Field test: testing range in the field, varied topographic terrain features up to 9km distance with signal evaluations for different power levels and antenna configurations at different waypoints. Illustrated using Google Earth.
28:24 Conclusion: Is this going to be a true BaoFeng slayer? Well, it depends…
31:24 Horace Rumpole clip, “She Who Must Be Obeyed”.
31:54 End credits

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