What is Fully Remote Amateur Radio License Testing?

A presentation made at the September 2022 QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo by Brandin Hess WL1B, Drew Dasher N1ER

As our hobby looks at better ways to serve our members and potential newcomers, remote license testing is becoming a great service for people that live in remote areas, do not have a club nearby, are looking for convenience, or are simply more comfortable in a virtual environment. This presentation will look at the Aurora Amateur Radio Group (AARG) and their entire remote testing process. Attendees will learn how tools such as Zoom, batch file creation, exam software, and email can be leveraged for a full virtual experience. FCC policy and rule adherence will be discussed so that attendees understand what is needed to start a program. At the conclusion of the presentation, attendees will have a basic understanding of the remote process, have tools to start their own program, and partners available to help assist in setting up their own program within their clubs or in joining already existing programs as remote VEs.

This presentation was made at the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo. For more information go to: https://qsotodayhamexpo.com Also visit the QSO Today Podcast for 1 hour interviews of ham radio operators who make these presentations: https://www.qsotoday.com

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