Why Amateur Radio? Monday Morning Radio (MMR) Live Episode 3.

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For Your Information
– Live Streams are subject to interruptions by the dogos as needed.
– Participation is encouraged just please be kind and courteous
-These Streams are supported 100% by viewers. Please consider liking the livestream and subscribing to the channel.
-Monetary donations can be made via
– Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/SpotterJ
– Buy Me A Coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/SpotterJutting
– Live Stream Schedule Subject to change depending on the activities of Newton Community School District in Newton Iowa. IE School gets canceled there will be no MMR.
– Projects that need funding:
-Solar Generator build
-Storm Spotting/Chasing
-POTA Activations
-Equipment Needed:
– Radio
– Shack Chair
Toads Discord: https://discord.com/channels/755897811148734536/755897811588874353
The Clubhouse Discord:
2022 Stream Schedule
7th at 9a CST
14th at 9a CST
21st at 9a CST
5th at 9a CST
12th at 9a CST
19th at 9a CST

0:00 Intro Music
5:40 Start of Stream
8:00 Radar Omega Weather Check
11:00 Special Thank You to TNTC/ 500 Sub Giveaway
12:40 K3JRZ and WQ9F shoutout
17:40 W0WTM Shout Out
20:10 K0KLB Ham Radio QRP Shout Out
23:35 M0TTQ and K3JRZ on the K0PEA Repeater via Echo Link
29:39 K5KBF Shout Out
33:34 KI5MM POTA
44:57 N3WD POTA
48:25 GO VOTE 8-November-22
49:00 KF0GBE heard on groundwave
1:03:00 PBE36EDUFX Special Event
1:10:22 K1PCN POTA
1:14:44 N3UD POTA
1:18:23 FJ/SP9FIH

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