FOGSTAR DRIFT heated 105Ah Lifepo4 battery unboxing and capacity test

This video is part one on a UK supplied lifepo4 battery that boasts Bluetooth and a self heat function. I bought this battery, I am not sponsored! Links to everything i use, test and buy can be found at Subscribe for updates.
———-LifePO4 Battery Links.
Fogstar Drift LifePO4 Heat/BT />Fogstar 5.12Kwh 48V Server Rack Battery – />Eco-Worthy 12V 100Ah LifePo4-
Direct from Eco-Worthy – (Use code DCGUYUK)
Eco-Worthy 12v 50Ah –
UltraMax 12v 100Ah LifePo4 –
UltraMax 24V 100Ah LifePo4 –
Kepworth 12V 100Ah LifePo4 –
Kepworth 12V 200Ah LifePo4 –
Kepworth 24V 100Ah LifePo4 –
Kepworth Aliexpress (Bluetooth Version) –
Twin Pack Watt Meters –
——-Solar Charge Controllers –
Renogy Rover 20A SCC –
Renogy Rover 30A SCC –
Renogy Rover 40A SCC –
Renogy Rover 60A SCC –
Victron 100/15 (12-24V) –
Victron 75/15 (12/24) –
Victron 100/20 –
Victron 100/30 –
Victron 100/50 –
Epever 40A SCC –
Budget 30A SCC –
Battery Capacity Testers
600W DL24M ATORCH AliExpress –
160W Version Aliexpress –
Battery Shunts/Monitors
Victron 500A Smart Shunt –
Victron 1000A Smart Shunt –
Victron 2000A Smart Shunt –
Budget 100A Shunt –
Renogy 500A Monitor –
Class T Fuses etc
320A Blue Sea System
110A Class T Fuse & Holder –
Terminal Blocks – Negative
Terminal Blocks – Positive –
Clamp Meter I Use –
Heavy Duty Crimping Tool –
Ferrule Crimper & Ferrules –
Mega Fuse Holder twin Pack –
MRBF Fuse Holder –
300A Fuse for MRBF –
250A Fuse for MRBF-
200A Fuse for MRBF –
175A Fuse for MRBF –
Victron Smart Battery Sense –
Copper BusBars –
10 Amp Power Supply Unit –
MC4 Connector Pack –
10 Gauge Tinned Copper Solar Cable –
XT60 Connectors –
Bison Battery Box –
Midi Fuse Variety Pack –
Heavy Duty Ring Terminals 50mmX16 –
ANL fuse holders –
100 Pce Copper Terminals –
Edecoa 3500W –
Renogy 3000W –
12V 1000W PSW Inverter –
24V 3000W –
Krieger 12v 1100W inverter –
Eco-Worthy( NEW RELEASE) – 2000W Inverter – or from Amazon here –
Diy Battery Heater—–
W1209 Relay –
12V Heated Grips –
12V 20W Silicone Heat Pads –
12V 30W Silicone Heap Pad –
12” X 18” Heating Pad Thermostat built in –
24V to 12V Converter –
40W AC Heated Under Blanket –
Battery Chargers
Victron IP22 30A Smart Charger –
Victron ip22 12/15 –
Victron ip65 –
Victron 16 Amp 24V Charger –
48V LifePO4 Battery Charger –
As a Amazon Affiliate Associate member I will make commission if you buy using links i supply at no cost to you.
Disclaimer: I am not an expert in electricity so be sure to consult a professional before doing anything I show or do on this or any other platform.

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